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Posted: Feb 20 2014

This is a non-recipe today.  If you live in LA, hopefully you can go see for yourself why this gets a mention.
Two words:  Blueberry. Ciabatta.  I think the way the story goes, this happened as an accident.  All I know I that it started as a special, and THANK G-D, it's now a permanent item on the menu.  Looks like I'm not the only one who thinks this is the best thing that ever happened to bread.

Huckleberry in Santa Monica is the cat's meow.  The bakery items by Zoe Nathan are insane and rest of the menu is just plain delicious.  No matter what I eat there, however, my heart simply belongs to Blueberry Ciabatta.  Country-style bread dough, a well carved out of the center for a pool of blueberries, and a dusting of sugar over the top before it gets baked. And that's it.  These are my favorite kinds of things to eat -- deceptively simple food that is elevated by the care taken to present it and the quality of ingredients used to produce it.  A perfect oyster.... bread-from-the-oven with a pat of cold butter..... a bowl of fresh-picked berries.... simplicity is where it's at!

But of course it's not simple at all.  The deception behind "simple" food like this is that you need years of experience baking to produce the perfect dough, relationships with farmers who are growing the best berries, and the equipment to produce a product that is both baked to the perfect crumb AND carmelized just before the point of burnt.  I can taste that in every bite which is why I return to it again and again. Kind of like a Topo t-shirt, actually (deceptive simplicity is a theme around here).

Go try one for yourself if you can.  You won't be disappointed.

Love, Dani

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