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Posted: May 06 2014

Mr. All Natural

Meet Chad. His skills make magical pieces of art that double as furniture. And he’s got an epic passion for nature. Whether he’s exploring nature on a hike or building his latest art piece with natural slabs of fallen timber, the environment around him defines who he is.

Chad Hagerman is a Venice based lifestyle designer. He prefers to think of his work as an extension of the natural materials around him. He defines spaces and objects with natural elements sourced in and around California. Growing up on a dairy farm with his mother, a horticulturist, he developed an appreciation for what the Earth had to offer naturally. In his late teens, as some were learning about life in a classroom, Chad began rebuilding homes and developing new construction while working for a contractor that specialized in sustainable living. It was then he learned that a variety of natural materials could attest for long lasting structural integrity. Chad Hagerman’s latest collection of furniture made from downed California Oak can now be seen at the Topo Ranch store in Venice, California.


Get to know Chad: Questions and Answers with Alex


You are originally from the East Coast – what brought you to California?

When I graduated high school at 17 I started traveling a lot. I met a Swedish girl in Dominican Republic, spent a year in Europe with her and decided to move to California together. My dad was born and raised in Nor Cal and I spent every summer growing up on the West Coast. I guess I always knew I’d end up here, it was just a matter of when.

Why did you decide to start designing furniture? Where did you learn the craft?

At a young age I started working with my hands. Spent several years on a farm, several years on a landscape nursery and my mid-late teens in construction. When I was 19, I started working for a large general contractor, as an assistant superintendent on multi-story residential/commercial buildings.  Everyday I would observe all the different trades involved in building. I started experimenting with wood and steel on art pieces and furniture for friends, family and myself. Within a couple years I bought my first home and my experimenting expanded to tearing down walls and forming built in pieces of art as the structure. As time went on, I developed a passion for creating "grounded" pieces of art that were functional for everyday life.

What’s the inspiration behind your designs?

I guess my biggest inspiration for my work is anythings natural form.  I'm attracted to imperfection.

What do you hope your art will accomplish for the world?

The world is huge. I’m just trying to conquer Venice for now.

What do you like to do for fun?

I surf a lot, play music and explore the earth with my friends.

Favorite taco spot in LA?

Oscars for their fish tacos, Holy Guacamole for late night and Dukes in Malibu for Taco Tuesday…best.

Favorite band right now?

National Anthem

Favorite Beverage?


What’s the best trip you’ve taken?

That’s a hard one. Every trip I’ve taken is special to me one way or another…but for the sake of an answer, I’d say spending a month living out of a van, traveling the Southeast Coast of Australia was pretty life altering. Met some of the coolest people, experienced some of the coolest places and scored some of the best surf of my life.

What's your favorite thing about Venice?

Favorite thing about Venice is the small neighborhood feel, but with a grimy, alternative, artistic style. So much creativity in this pocket of the world, it's mind blowing.

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  • Posted by Kelli Kia on May 06, 2014

    LOVE ur pics…super cute! xo

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