Production Art & Design Internship for Apparel

Production Design & Marketing Internship for


Topo Ranch is always looking for a few good ranch hands that possess a passion for art, design, tech packs, details, Adobe Creative Suite, farmers markets, sweeping, emailing, surfing, phone calling, coffee, Taco Tuesday, cavernous working conditions on Abbot Kinney in Venice, CA, drilling things and possibly hammering, mouse clicking, scanning, details, walking to the beach, reading reports, driving downtown, meeting with people, hitting deadlines, not being late, clothing, fixing problems, and learning about the apparel industry. If this all sounds awesome Topo Ranch might be the place for you.


Internship Facts:


• Must be through a college or university program

• Length of internships varies depending on your school and awesomeness

• Helps to have a passion for website design, marketing, brands and apparel

• The position is mostly for cool easygoing people with a good work ethic

This internship is unpaid, but you’ll learn a lot if you dig deep

• There is no guarantee you’ll cut the mustard

• The job can be monotonous and/or exciting, either way you win

• It’s all in the details. If it wasn’t we’d do it ourselves


We're always in the market for good people, internship or otherwise, shoot us your resume:


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